For those who are looking for a tapelabel…

… and maybe used the reddit/casetteculture link: I released some tapes in a series called lost music:

The Lost Music Series so far:

Lost Music I: Big Beat vs. Cold Wave – Surf, Beat, Big Beat from 60ies Eastern Europe vs. 80ies Wave from Eastern Europe
Lost Music II: Philippines in Decline vs. Surfing Africa – 80ies Punk from the Philippines vs. 60ies/ 70ies Rock’n’Roll, Afrobeat and Surf from the Black Continent
Lost Music III: Kap Horn Punk vs. Everything‘s so colourful – Early Punk from South Africa vs. Turkish Rock from the 60ies and 70ies
Lost Music IV: Uneasy Listening – 60ies and 70ies Arab Bellydance, bigbeat and rock vs. Japanese Thrashcore from the 80ies

write me a mail, if you are interested… kamillentee.waldesruh(at)

I also released some 3 other compilations with local bands from Berlin, Germany and 3 more worldwide compilations, but they are not longer available…


Hi again, I just want to say, that I love the idea of tapetrading, so if there is anybody outside who wants to do this oldschool thing, just drop me a line: kamillentee.waldesruh(at)… Gunter

Hallo/ Hi!


an dieser Seite muss noch ein wenig gebastelt werden. Ihr findet hier einen Überblick über die vergangenen und aktuellen Veröffentlichungen des Last Exit Trash – Labels. Seit 1997 habe ich knapp 30 Fanzines, Kassetten, 7″ und CDs veröffentlicht. Die meisten davon sind längst vergriffen und vergessen. Da ich mich aber immer wieder dazu aufraffe, etwas Neues zu machen, soll diese Seite die Möglichkeit geben, mit mir in Kontakt zu treten.

So isses!


this side is under construction. When its ready you‘ll find here an overview on the nearly 30 releases of the Last Exit Trash – label. Since 1997 I wrote zines and produced tapes, CDs and 7″. Most are forgotten and no longer available. But from time to time I‘m doing a new project and so I want to give the opportunity to get in contact with me.

That’s it!